Version 2.4

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Release date: 03 September 2014

New Features

  • Add Moss as new structural fragment mining algorithm
  • Show the number of distinct 3D positions (at the top right, alongside other dataset info)
  • Mapping warnings are now acessible within the viewer (Menu: Help > Show mapping warnings)
  • Add hint for multiselection of compounds via 'control'-key (is shown when zooming into compounds for the first 3 times)

More Changes

  • The viewer no longer zooms out when changing component size or spread
  • Add log conversion of feature values, by adding a new feature, instead of log-highlighting (gives better overview of log-distributed values, e.g. within the chart)
  • Multiple selected compounds are now highlighted within the chart for nominal features (was only possible for numerical features)


  • Fix error that showed strucutural fragment values as '1'/'0' instead of 'match'/'no-match'