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Welcome to the CheS-Mapper Wiki Pages

This wiki page provides documentation and tutorials for the CheS-Mapper, Chemical Space Mapping and Visualization in 3D.

To run or download the application visit the official CheS-Mapper Homepage:

How to cite CheS-Mapper

If you are using CheS-Mapper for a publication (exploring your data, taking screen shots), please support us by citing Gütlein, Karwath and Kramer (2012) and (2014).


The 2012 paper refers to an older version of CheS-Mapper. It gives an introduction into the field, a description of the program workflow and details on the integrated algorithms.

This presentation (PDF, 30 slides) provides a more compact introduction to CheS-Mapper (held at the OpenTox 2013 in Mainz in October).

The 2014 paper describes new features and how they can be used for analysing (Q)SAR information in your dataset.





Video Tutorial

Text Based Tutorial



Version History


To use the datasets in CheS-Mapper just copy and paste the URL into the text-field in the first wizard step.

Link Size 3D available Reference 100 yes [1] 232 yes [2] 467 yes [3]

Contact: Matrin Gütlein, CheS-Mapper was supported by